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We're making some changes to TrainSTA.
As part of our commitment to ensuring that we provide the highest possible quality of product we can, we are making a few changes to the services we provide through TrainSTA - our Virtual Learning Environment.
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The TrainSTA Virtual Learning Environment provides a revolutionary new way for STA to deliver training qualifications, programmes and CPD's online.

It completely transforms and modernises the way STA can now deliver qualifications, programmes and CPD's. By embracing new technologies we can improve accessibility, helping and encouraging more people to gain professional accredited qualifications and CPDs in a secure and supportive environment. Ultimately it will also address the wider issue surrounding the shortage of qualified swimming teachers in the UK.

  • Flexibility to complete required course elements at candidates convenience
  • Browser based it is totally accessible from anywhere with internet connection
  • Enhanced level of support with a comprehensive range of web based resources

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